Membership to Ludlow Fly-Tying club is £10 per year for adults and starts in January.
Family membership is only £15.00.
For 15-18 year olds it is £5 per year and is free for anyone under 15.

For members joining:
Jan-June – Membership will be £10.00
July-Sept – Membership will be £5.00
Oct-Nov – Membership will be £2.00.

Members not able to come on a regular basis membership will be £2.00 per session.

To join, simply come and join us for an evening (See calendar for the next meeting). You will be introduced to the club and invited to join on the day.

Materials for tying flies are available on the day at the cost of £2.00 per pack. This pack is enough to tie four flies. The club also has limited supplies of vices and other tools needed. So if you are interested to find out if fly-tying is for you, come and have a go. You can use the clubs tools.